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TransUnion release e-book outlining how Open Banking can help give lenders the confidence to say ‘YES’

Ryan Walsh / 23rd November 2023

We’re delighted to support FinTech North partners, leading credit reference agency, TransUnion with their latest e-book, Unlocking Customer Strategies and Achieving Sustainable Growth.

With an estimated 12 million UK credit-eligible consumers currently undeserved and a significant number of consumers invisible to lenders, TransUnion and Bud are developing Open Banking solutions that can help more consumers access appropriate products and get a ‘yes’ at the end of the application process.

In a time of economic upheaval and regulatory change, Open Banking is a technical solution for financial services providers, and sectors like gaming and utilities, to grow with confidence. Additionally, it offers consumers a friction-right experience and instantaneous decisions. In a digital world where customer experience is highly prized, Open Banking helps to streamline credit assessments, meeting customer expectations and bolstering conversion rates.

With 7 million UK users, Open Banking is already re-shaping finance, and delivering sustainable, material growth. Download this ebook and learn how TransUnion and Bud are seeking to accelerate this growth through fairer lending experiences and improved customer outcomes.

TransUnion’s Unlocking Customer Strategies and Achieving Sustainable Growth e-book introduces three consumers uses cases and outlines how Open Banking can help give the lenders the confidence to say ‘YES’. To find out more, click the link here.

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