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North East England invites international FinTech firms to FinTech North’s conference in July

FinTech North / 1st June 2022

North East England is one of the UK’s fastest growing economies with a highly-skilled, flexible workforce, well connected to global markets and a low cost base. It is easy to see why over 71,000 businesses call North East England home and why FinTech companies are looking at the region as prime location to locate, grow and prosper.
Invest North East England aims to support companies looking to expand into the region. Our experienced team connects businesses to the region’s network of specialist organisations and individuals, and provides the information, support and advice essential for businesses looking to locate in North East England.
Invest North East England cordially invite FinTech businesses across the globe to the region, as part of a focused visit coinciding with the FinTech North Conference on 14th July. Our team will showcase the best of the region, touring centres of excellence, meeting local university partners and business support organisations. The visit will take place the day before the conference on Wednesday 13th July.
Any businesses interested in knowing more should contact Rachel Burdis on

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