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Fintech North 2017 – Richard Carter

Dan Rajkumar / 18th May 2017

Fintech North 2017 – Richard Carter – Nostrum Group –

During FinTech North, video interviews delved deeper into various topics.

In this video, we spoke to Richard Carter, Chief Executive of Nostrum Group. Richard formed part of the FinTech Landscape panel discussion, which took place in the first session of the day.

Here, he tells us how he’s happy to be back at FinTech North, at this year’s sold-out event that’s helping to “put the north on the FinTech map in the UK.”

He explains how inspiring it was to hear from Dr. Chris Sier, FinTech Envoy for the North, and the FCA executive, Christopher Woolard. He also comments on industry shifts, expanding outreaches and investment in digital infrastructure.

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