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FinTech North / 26th June 1999

In April of this year, FinTech North created a new FinTech initiative for the Leeds City Region; an innovation challenge called the ‘FinTech Challenge Leeds’ which aimed to bring together the FinTech and Financial Services community to impact key societal and sector issues.

The objectives of the challenge are:

  • Building cultural rapport around ideas
  • Creating connections between FS and FinTech institutions
  • Building or adopting new FinTech products and services

We then established challenge areas around the following themes, with the support of academic and financial institutions in the Leeds City Region:

You can read more about the FinTech Challenge Leeds here.

FinTech North was delighted to partner with Leeds-based global credit reference agency TransUnion on the Financial Inclusion challenge. As part of our work on the challenge, we have decided to create a resource library to help FinTechs, businesses and consumers navigate Financial Inclusion.

We hope that anyone trying to impact Financial Inclusion, anyone who finds themselves excluded from Financial Services, anyone trying to raise awareness or improve education, can find a useful resource on this page.

Financial Inclusion

Financial / Credit Education

Financial Inclusion Charter

Thanks to our partners TransUnion and also these amazing organisations (incuto, Giles Harridge, etc)

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